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Sotong Berlada

Wok fried squid in belacan chilli onion base. 9.5


Sambal Tumis Sotong

Squid in spicy sambal. 9.5



Telur Dadar (v)

Omelette with onions and chillies. 7.8


Tahu Telur (v)

Omelette with tofu and vegetables accompanied with sweet soy gravy. 7.9



Sayur Campur

Stir-fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce. 8.7

Terung Berlada

Aubergine in belacan chilli onion base. 8.4

Pajeri Terung

Sweet caramelised aubergine curry. 8.4

Kai Lan

Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, garlic and chilli. 8.7

Taugeh Ikan Masin

Beansprouts with salted fish and tofu. 7.8


Stir fried water spinach in belacan chilli onion base. 8.9

Gado Gado

Malaysian salad with potato, rice cubes, tofu, beansprouts, fine beans andcucumber served with peanut sauce. 8.2

Rojak Buah

Famous Malaysian ‘Street Food’ fruitsalad with home-made rojak sauce. 8.2


Lentil and vegetable curry. 8.1