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Satay House: Malaysian Restaurant
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Udang Galah Goreng Berempah

King prawns stir-fried with peppers and curry spices. 12.30

Udang Galah Goreng

King prawns stir-fried in tumeric, chillis and coconut milk. 12.30

Sambal Tumis Udang and Petai

Prawn and sator beans in spicy sambal chillis. 10.50


Udang Galah Goreng Berlada

King prawns stir-fried in ground shrimp and hot chillis. 12.30


Ikan Panggang

Grilled whole mackeral served with tamarind sauce. 9.30

Kari Ikan

Aromatic Malaysian fish curry with aubergine. 9.30

Ikan Assam Pedas

Fish in tamarind chilli gravy with aubergine. 9.30

Ikan Goreng Berlada

Fish in fresh ground shrimp and
hot chillis. 9.20


Sambal Ikan Bilis and Petai

White bait anchovies and sator beans in spicy sambal chillies. 9.50

Sambal Ikan Siakap

Deep fried whole sea bass smothered in spicy sambal chillis. 20.50